Welcome to Avago, a new era in recruitment! Avago is a leader in staffing, recruitment and HR solutions across Canada. Our 45 years of combined experience and our unique business model, makes us the most sought out recruitment firm in Canada. Whether your organization is looking for bilingual or non-bilingual talent across any industry, we will ensure you that with our unrivalled expertise, a keen sense for employment trends and the in-depth knowledge of local markets, we will deliver results to make the perfect match with our top talented candidates.

Avago is the only recruitment agency in Canada that now offers an ELA® to all their clients. We have also now introduced Avago Advantage® for all candidates that we place in your organization. (See video below)

What’s an ELA® contract?


At Avago we are proud to be the only recruitment agency in Canada that offers an ELA® to our clients, were making a decision to hire a candidate has never been easier before.

Avago Advantage®

Avago Advantage is an unparalleled tool that adds value not only to our candidates but also to your organization.

Perfect Match

With an 45 years of combined experience across multiple industries and a world class recruitment service, Avago makes the perfect choice to be in your corner when you are looking for the best talent available!

We’ll find you the right candidate.

At Avago we are determined to change the rules of the game so you can make hiring decisions faster, easier and have peace of mind that the risk of hiring is not only yours but ours as well!

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